Professional and Managerial Skills and Trainings

Throughout my professional activity and trainings I acquired a number of important managerial skills.

Leadership Skills

Effective Leadership

Time Management

Conflict Management

Assertivity and Marketing

Breakthrough Thinking

Conferences and Presentations

Listening and Communication

Financial Skills

Trading Equities, Derivatives and Commodities

B2B, B2C

Startups and Entrepreneurship

Partnership Startups


NGI Systems

Firebyte Games


I am fluent, proficient or conversational in the following languages

Romanian - Native Language100%
French - Full Working Proficiency80%
Italian - Basic Understanding 40%
English - Native Proficiency100%
Spanish - Proficient 70%
German - Beginner 20%

Performances and Honors

I was a Valedictorian (First in Class) in school and frequent participant in Olympics in Physics, Computer Science, and Math

Times Valedictorian (First in Class)

Primary and Secondary School

High School and College

Years Active in Onlympics

1999 - 2007

High School and College

Gold Medals

100+ Total Medals and Honors

150 Total Contests

International IT Contests

American Computer Science League 2002-2004

ACM Programming Contest 2005-2007

Portfolio of Initiatives and Activities

I am involved in several Initiativs and Projects promoting sound financial systems

Swiss Gold Coins

Verein Gold Munzen Initiative

2011 - Present

Zurich, Switzerland

  • The existing monetary system is based on the principle of paper money. This means that Dollars, Euros and even Swiss Francs can be printed without limits and this could lead to the partial or total loss of purchading power of all savings and pensions. Gold cannot be printed and has been used for thousands of years as a medium of exchange, as a hedge and as a nest egg. Goldcoins are the precursor and the origin of paper money and the ideal hedge aganist the uncertainties in today's financial system.

Global Prosperity Challenge

and GPC TV

2013 - Present

Dukascopy TV, Geneva, Switzerland

  • Interviews Professionals coming from all over the world about their activities.

The Global Perspectives Show

2017 - 2018

Dukascopy TV, Geneva, Switzerland

  • Interviews people about the professional world.
  • Discusses and presents less known but highly interesting topics.