I urge everyone to communicate only on platforms that are both Secure (your content cannot be accessed) and Private (your behavior is not tracked and not used for fingerprinting or commercial gain).

I have accounts on the following Fully Secure and Private Platforms:
1. ProtonMail (for Secure Email): (To use PGP Encryption, Download my Public Key).
2. Signal
3. Threema

I also have accounts on some More Popular but Less Secure or Less Private Platforms:
4. iMessage / FaceTime (Bad Privacy)
5. WhatsApp (Bad Privacy)
6. Telegram (Bad Security)
I strongly encourage everyone using Less Secure or Less Private Platforms to move to one of the Fully Secure and Private Platforms above.

If you want to contact me securely but don't already have my contact ID (phone) please write an email first.
If you can't reach me by calls, send me a text message first.

Disclaimer: This is my only website. I DO NOT have any other websites, email accounts on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, GMX or any other email service, I DO NOT have any accounts on Google (Any service), Meta (Any service such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram), Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok or other social media. I will not be held responsible for any interaction with any websites or accounts from these platforms which appear to be using my name or spoof my identity.