I first met Flaviu in University, when I was chosen the Student Representative for my department, in 2008.

Back then, Flaviu was the President of the Students Council for the entire Faculty of Computer Science. From our first council meeting I was impressed by Flaviu’s pragmatic thinking and his way of approaching problems and organizational issues within our representatives group and even within the faculty. Later on, I discovered that Flaviu is a very talented computer scientist and a innate leader. This statement is well supported on one hand by his numerous professional and academic achievements and on the other hand by his leadership activities carried during his studies. Last but not least, Flaviu is an open-minded and amazingly sociable person. His knowledge in the professional field as well as in general knowledge is impressive, thus letting him adapt to virtually any discussion group that he could encounter. Moreover, in a conversation, he exposes even complex ideas with ease and in a simple manner, thus being very understandable.

Vlad Ilarie Precup, Software Development Engineer in Test at Microsoft