About Me

I was born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and became interested in IT since childhood. I pursued an education in IT (High-School, Bachelor, Master) before making a soft turn to Human-Computer Interaction (PhD). Meanwhile I became fascinated by two more worlds: Finance, where I started trading on the markets at the age of 18, and Entrepreneurship, with my first startup in 2007. Currently, I developed an extensive network of contacts in various business domains, and act as a consultant and advisor for businesses, partnerships and outsourcing globally, with a focus (but not limited to) Technology and Financial Services.




Equities and Derivatives

International Markets, since 2003


International Markets, since 2009


International Markets, since 2010


Time Management

by Ralph Bland
How to manage time more efficiently.

Conferences and Presentations

by Cynthia Anderson-Jenny
How to build effective presentations, how to present them to an audience.

Effective Leadership

by Nir Zalts
How to be a good leader.

Listening and Communication

by Stephanie Ruder
How to communicate better.

Conflicts Management and Resolution

by Mauro Scascighini
How to deal with conflicts, how to detect them early.

Breakthrough Thinking

by Bruno Poirier
How to be creative. How to innovate.


Software Engineering

Professional Level
Advanced Algorithms, Architecture Design, Project Management

Operating Systems

Professional Level
Mac OS, Windows, Linux

Programming Languages

Professional Level
C# / .net, iOS / Objective C, java / android, C++


Professional Level
Office (All Versions), Latex, iWorks, Mathematica / Maple / Matlab, SPSS / R