A Vision for Entrepreneurship

There is no commitment without courage, there is no courage without commitment.
Being an entrepreneur, or a consultant, can well be the most difficult task in the world. But at the same time, there is a chance that it will turn into the most rewarding activity in the world as well. It takes courage to make commitments, but courage cannot be learned without making commitments. It is a positive reinforcement cycle, which can turn a motivated, hard-working person into a visionary. The need for visionary entrepreneurs is larger now than ever, because the explosion of knowledge has to find a fit in the world, and keep on changing the world for the better.

NGi Systems, Second Startup

Partner of NGi Systems UK, 6 partners startup, since 2014
User interfaces and user experience are at the core of today's marketing and optimization systems, influencing sales capabilities and operations. We believe our approach to user experience can be disseminated worldwide for businesses looking for ways to improve their impact on their customers. Our solutions strive to bring the best of hardware, software and design, combined to guarantee seamless functionality with ease and friendliness of use. Our prototypes have been met with great acclaim. The organic growth of the business makes it viable for a long future.

Globintech, First Startup

CEO of Globintech Ltd. Romania, 3 partners startup, 2007 - 2009
Provided IT services for petroleum companies. A client company was experiencing low productivity for a long time, suspecting the cause to be the efficiency of its employees. We designed, built, sold and maintained a measurement system to help the client verify the actual working time of the machines in a plant. This helped our client increase efficiency by over 30% by spotting non-productive behavior. We then extended the product to cover various measurements for different parameters of machines, built and sold a new system which offered remote real-time analytics of measured data.