I had the pleasure of being a co-supervisor for Flaviu’s PhD research during my time at CRAFT.

I came to quickly notice that Flaviu is a hard-working and talented person with a high ambition level. His technical know-how is on a high level, but he also possesses a wide knowledge base, across areas such as finance, law, etc. Flaviu’s PhD is an exploration of the potential of ubiquitous computing in supporting awareness in small group meetings. What impressed me particularly was his interest to investigate the impact of the experimental technologies in the real world setup, i.e., beyond the lab based context. This, to me, is an indication of Flaviu’s interest to maximise the practical impact of his work efforts. Flaviu’s background and profile are not those of a typical computer scientist. He could, therefore, be a fit for roles beyond tech research.

Mr. Jan Blom, PhD Co-Supervisor at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

Flaviu is a very good computer scientist who has strong interest from what’s happening outside computer science, namely management and finances.

He is a smart, motivated, hard-working team member.

Prof. Pierre Dillenbourg, Full Professor and Supervisor at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, 2013

Flaviu Roman is a person with true inclination for research and analysis of financial phenomena that decisively influence decision making in the capital markets.

During his time at SSIF Broker Inc., he applied qualitative, quantitative and comparative methods to study the evolution of markets. Last but not least he shows ethical and moral qualities which, besides the underwent activity and proven knowledge, recommends him as a true professional and an excellent colleague.

Mr. Bogdan Ilies, Quality Assurance Director at SAI Broker SA (Wealth Management)

Flaviu is very much creative with designing tools for our trainings, turning them in very productive sessions.

He is highly analytical and focused. He is trustworthy and consistent. I recommend him warmly for jobs which offer challenges and need inventiveness.

Thang Dao, CIO of MSF International

First of all, allow me to say a couple of words about Flavius, not only that he is young and eager to learn more and become a veritable professional in its’ area of expertise but what impresses me the most is his analytical skills.

Moreover, he’s very well organized, focused, open-minded, emphatic and work very well with others. All in all, I believe that he’s truly an example for every employee within our firm. He’s so good and proficient in his work that I never had any doubts on his individual honesty or integrity.

Mr. Mihai-Cristian Alexa, Financial Analyst and Portfolio Manager at SAI Broker SA (Wealth Management)

Flaviu Roman is one of the smartest people and best friends I know.

We studied together at high-school and at the university and we also worked with good results on many projects. He is a very competitive person – was the valedictorian both in high-school and university, inquisitive, self-motivated and a capable team leader.
I hope we can work together in the future.

Mr. Razvan Vlad Vasiu, Assistant at the Technical Unviersity of Cluj-Napoca

I first met Flaviu in University, when I was chosen the Student Representative for my department, in 2008.

Back then, Flaviu was the President of the Students Council for the entire Faculty of Computer Science. From our first council meeting I was impressed by Flaviu’s pragmatic thinking and his way of approaching problems and organizational issues within our representatives group and even within the faculty. Later on, I discovered that Flaviu is a very talented computer scientist and a innate leader. This statement is well supported on one hand by his numerous professional and academic achievements and on the other hand by his leadership activities carried during his studies. Last but not least, Flaviu is an open-minded and amazingly sociable person. His knowledge in the professional field as well as in general knowledge is impressive, thus letting him adapt to virtually any discussion group that he could encounter. Moreover, in a conversation, he exposes even complex ideas with ease and in a simple manner, thus being very understandable.

Vlad Ilarie Precup, Software Development Engineer in Test at Microsoft

Flaviu was a brilliant student: serious, intelligent, creative, hardworking, obtaining this way very good scholar performances

Ms. Delia Mitrea, Senior Lecturer at Technical University of Cluj Napoca

I worked with Flaviu at Globintech, a software development company that he created and managed.

Flaviu is one of the brightest people I know and tends to excel in every activity that he starts. He showed great leadeship and people management skills at Globintech and also thet he can be an excelent project manager.

Mr. Paul Alexandru Istoan, esearch & Development Software Engineer at Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann Luxembourg

Flaviu was one of the best students of his generation. I really knew him well. I am expecting him to have great achievements in Computer Science.

prof. Octavian Cret, Professor at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Flaviu has provided IT support to my company Human-Centricity.

He has been acting as a true CTO to us. We first drew a strategy together. Accordingly, Flaviu proposed us a range of solutions that he successfully implemented. We always felt listened to and on the top of it, he managed to make us save money. I can only recommend to work with a fast thinker like him.

Valerie Bauwens, Human Centricity

Flaviu is a role model in my education and career;

I always guided my steps on his achievements. He is the person with the most professional way of approaching work I know.

Mr. Ionut Pintican, Project Manager at Neusoft, 2009

Flaviu is a technologist you would want to have on your team.

Further, you would not want for Flaviu to work for your competitor. Highly accomplished computer scientist, Flaviu also has a broad and solid foundation in electrical engineering, Based on the above skills, Flaviu can solve very complex problems relating to information technology. Additionally, Flaviu has put his technical skills to work as an individual contributor, as a member of a team, or as a group leader.

Mr. Dan Vacar, Technical Staff member at Sun Microsystems

Flaviu Roman was one of our first interns when the ETH Chair of Software Engineering was created; he was highly recommended to us by his professor at Cluj-Napoca (Prof. Iosif Ignat), a recommendation that was fully justified. Flaviu made an excellent contribution to our work; his subsequent career has confirmed his extreme dedication and talent.

Flaviu mastered the concepts quickly, he provided an important contribution to the CITADEL tool. He collaborates well in a team, has a good theoretical knowledge and practical skill of object-oriented programming. He is highly motivated and works hard. He is well suited to a career in either academia or industry.

Mr. Bertrand Meyer, M.Sc. Thesis Director at Chair of Software Engineering