• ReflectWorld


    ReflectWorld is an ecology of participation enhancement tools for meetings. Built around an iOS version of the Reflect Table, it…

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  • Swiss Meeting

    Swiss Meeting

    SwissMeeting is an iPhone / iPad app that manages your time and agenda in meetings. It provides visual notifications when…

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  • Collaborative Meeting Environment

    Collaborative Meeting Environment

    A system developed by Himanshu Verma with multiple mice and keyboards, later extended with iPads and time management, is enabling…

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  • Reflect Table

    Reflect Table

    A technology developed by Khaled Bachour, was expanded and enhanced by myself to be used in corporate environments to provide…

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  • InstaFeedback


    InstaFeedback is, as its name suggests, a solution for teachers, presenters, lecturers, project managers and meeting facilitators to collect feedback…

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  • CooPilot


    CooPilot is a joint research effort of EPFL and UNIL in Switzerland, aimed at improving meetings by increasing the awareness…

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